Flowzone help people make lasting lifestyle changes.

Henrik Glasø Skifjeld
Jørgen Aaberg
Ole Martin Knurvik
Charles Michelson
Mathias Frøyhaug
A startup in Iterate
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What problem are you solving?

Lifestyle diseases is a global epidemic. We provide affordable access to personal follow up by healthcare professionals and trainers through a digital communication platform.

What is new/unique about your idea?

Unique easy to use technology combined with real health and exercise experts givs our service an edge. The service is grounded in universal principles of motivational enhancement and social support.

How will the world be different because you exist?

Making it possible for everyone to access individualized knowledge, support and encouragement to live healthy and balanced lives. This fundamentally will change the way we live our lives.

How did your team form?

Through a shared visjon and passion to make change. Flow Technologies is a result of like minded colleagues wishing to follow an idea. Iterate is the enabler of our existence, investing in us and backing us.

What has been most helpful about being part of the startup studio?

The opportunity to work together in a great cross functional team. With the added support form the entire Iterate community, giving us access to skilled colleagues and much needed backing.

What do you enjoy the most about the environment at Iterate Startup Studio?

I love the fact that we are part of a culture that dares to belive that we can build something , that will impact thousands of peoples lives. It is wonderful to work side by side with other teams and founders, with very different businesses, and to share knowledge, networks and experience.
🕹We are a studio inside iterate.no