Noba is helping improve the life quality of people suffering from IBS, which is around 15-20% of the population.

Brynjar Grønhaug Rongved
Ida Husby Swendgaard
Martine Bongard
Henrik Glasø Skifjeld
A startup in Iterate
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What problem are you solving?

When having IBS, finding food that doesn't make you ill can be hard as the lowFODMAP diet is very complex and difficult to master. We're helping people find food that are considered lowFODMAP in norwegian grocery stores.

What is new/unique about your idea?

Earlier you had to study the ingredient list of every product to find the FODMAP level. This is time consuming and makes it hard to find a large variety in products to eat. We're collecting data about FODMAPs in norwegian products and list them out in an app that is easy to navigate through. This in turn help people eat healthy and well-balanced, even with their dietary restrictions.

How will the world be different because you exist?

People suffering from IBS are likely to get better and free of symptoms when on the lowFODMAP diet, which in turn helps them function normally in their daily life.

How did your team form?

We met on ShipIt (internal hackaton at Iterate) in 2018 and decided we wanted to work together.

What has been most helpful about being part of the startup studio?

1. Feedback, help and inspiration from other startups in the studio.

2. Help to create a company from others who's been in similar situations.

3. Other people having our back and cheering when we achieve our goals.

What do you enjoy the most about the environment at Iterate Startup Studio?

We're all cheering for each other!
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