Woolit connects passionate knitters, designers, yarnproducers to provide sustainably produced fashion, made by hand. #whomademyclothes

Cathrine Løland
Kim Ophus Leskovsky
Lars Barlindhaug
Joint startup with Iterate
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What problem are you solving?

The textile industry is the second largest polluter in the World. The Woolit Platform unifies a split ecosystem of knitters, knitwear designers, yarn producers and buyers. Our value proposition is handmade clothes, made in a sustainable way, to your measurements. The yarn industry is a 12BNUSD global market, and our aim is to expand that through network effects, by unlocking the hobby workforce to bring hand made knit bliss to everyone.

What is new/unique about your idea?

Seriously!? Knitting?!? I came here to read about AI, robotics and Blockchain!Our true uniqueness lies in the ability to apply the marketplace theory and the ecosystem mindset to a business segment associated with niche hobbyists and «hygge» to turn it into a globally scalable, peer to peer production platform. Holding on to the coziness and «hygge» while doing so. Understanding how to facilitate the trust and dialogue needed between the buyer and producer is essential. We want to see the magic that happens when highly skilled techies and innovators meets a traditional industry who haven’t seen innovation since the 90ies…

How will the world be different because you exist?

Woolit empowers women, and men, who are outsiders to the global economy, providing tools supporting peer to peer production within local and worldwide markets. #whyHM

How did your team form?

It all started while Cathrine told Kim about an idea she had for a digitalized tool to visualize the effects of changing a knitwear pattern. «Hey, that’s not fair, I want on as well!» said Kim while looking at the awesome designs he was shown, remembering his knitting project back in elementary school that made cactus coated kevlar seem soft and fragile in comparison. «How am I going to get one when I can’t knit!?!». That was the day Woolit was conceived. Later our CTO Lars, AKA Knitting Lars(@StrikkeLars), was recruited to the team.

What has been most helpful about being part of the startup studio?

1. Access to a highly skilled tech environment with designers.

2. Access to a welcoming office space.

3. Iterate as a partner open doors to indrustrial partners, providing trust and financial backbone to match requirements from valuable actors.

What do you enjoy the most about the environment at Iterate Startup Studio?

The friendlyness and the open minded spirit together with sharing with other startup, brings additional value to Woolit. And I must say, the fantastic warm food occuring twice a week :)

Any other thoughts/comments you would like to share about your experience?

Woolit's existence is a direct result of Iterate Startup Studio and CEO Rune's generosity and believe in us.
🕹We are a studio inside iterate.no